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The NEW Aixam Vision 


Berrybrook Compacts are the Main Dealer for the Aixam range of vehicles in the South West. 

Crossline Minauto GTR


£11,199.00 On the road

Crossover Super luxe GTR


£13,899.00 On the road

Crossover Super luxe GT


£13,899.00 On the road

Vision Range

Estate Design

The Crossover is the biggest model of its AM licence vehicle category in the world. Its entirely unique spaciousness and ergonomics makes the Crossover the perfect solution for your daily adventures.


Useful - Urban or rural landscapes

The Crossover is the perfect compromise between utility and pleasure.

With its generous proportions, its spaciousness and its agility, the Crossover is capable of meeting all expectations. Discover its 1200-litre boot, a one-of-a-kind in its category.

For everyday use

The Crossover is an easy-going vehicle. Its versatile design allows for unrestricted travel over all landscapes, so all forms of use are possible.


It boasts exceptional boot space. This record boot capacity means that you stay flexible in terms of your favourite activities.


On-board Comfort

The Estate line has a modern, welcoming and comfortable living space.
Because the perfect seating position is a safety issue, the seat finishes, nature of the upholstery and materials used are chosen with the utmost care.

Green mobility - A combustion engine range

At AIXAM, the environment has always been a major concern. Our objective is to offer green mobility means using controlled combustion engines.

The combustion engine range benefits from KUBOTA Diesel engines. Its main advantage is its ironclad reliability and very low CO2 emissions. The LOMBARDINI petrol engine of the four-seater version benefits from the same properties with low carbon oxide emissions.


My Aixam My Safety

AIXAM, the leading manufacturer of AM-license vehicles for the past 30 years, has gained solid experience in manufacturing quadricycles. Aware that mobility requires flawless quality, AIXAM builds extremely safe vehicles based on a highly advanced design.

Tested without compromise

Our vehicles are subjected to meticulous testing to ensure your safety. AIXAM puts all of its models through stability tests: ISO chicane, momentum test and slalom. They all pass above the authorised speed limit (45 km/h).


The Aixam Vision specification include the following  - please contact us for full details

3-speed (1 intermittent) front windscreen wiper

ABS (anti-locking braking system)

Automatic activation of emergency flashers on sudden braking

Backing lamps (2)

Flip-action day/night interior rear-view mirror

Buzzer for headlamps left on

Hi-power, 3-speed heater-defroster-fan

Front fog lamps

Powerful front headlights

Ignition locked if in gear

Large left and right exterior rear-view mirrors, with inside adjustment controls

Laminated windscreen

LED daytime driving lights

LED third stop lamp

Rear windscreen wiper

Rear fog lamps (2)

Reinforced front and rear bumpers

Steering column anti-theft lock

Spring-retraction front seat belts

Timed rear window defroster

Windscreen washer with automatic blade activation